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From the International Examiner:

Sub Sand
419 6th Avenue S (between Jackson St & Jefferson St), Seattle, WA 98104

Sub SandWith crispy and toasted sub-sandwiches with regular condiments, Sub Sand offers a variety of toppings that entices our sweet and spicy taste buds. An order of the barbeque pork sandwich includes a pile of dai-kon, freshly stripped carrots, cilantro, choice of onion and a special in house sauce topped with jalapeño juice and pepper. While Sub Sand can tailor to traditional Vietnamese flavored meat like lemon grass chicken, customers can also enjoy a range of mainstream choices like hamburger steak and turkey. “We started out with Vietnamese sandwiches, said Tom Dang, owner of Sub Sand. “And then we expanded to be cross-cultural so we can combine all the best things into one-of-a-kind.” Each sandwich is perfectly constructed to create a tower of fresh ingredients strategically piled on top of one another—providing fulfilling bites each time. Other than sandwiches, Dang also offers other suggestions. “The satay beef rice noodle and the Look Luck (Pan Fried) beef fried rice are one of the best items on our menu.” Located in the International District across the street from the post office and near the bank, Sub Stand is perfect for working people on short crunch -time lunch breaks.

Adam's Review from: MSG 150

Tofu Vermicelli NoodlesA new Bahn Mi joint: we're on it. This place isn't much larger than a hole in the wall, so the 7 of us in the group pretty much filled the place to capacity. I figured someone else would review the deliciously stacked Bahn Mi sandwiches, so I went with the Tofu Vermicelli Noodles (a.k.a. Bun noodles).
Bun noodle dishes aren't very complicated, and it really feels like the "secret" is in fish sauce. This fish sauce was good (not great, not Pho Bac... but pretty damned good). The one beauty of their fish sauce is that I wasn't burping garlic all afternoon: a true treat. The noodles were the right texture... and the helping was pretty huge. The pickled dicon and carrots are good. The lettuce in the noodles was surprisingly fresh and crispy. Overall a very solid meal that I would recommend.
With a nice owner and some good food, I definitely recommend this one.

From the Stranger: Sub Sand Review
This tiny, cheap, popular I.D. lunch spot serves a huge variety of banh-mi-inspired sandwiches, including lemongrass chicken, Mongolian beef, fish cake, and salt-and-pepper tofu. Watching the meticulous assembly is impressive—they're friendly AND they've got mad sandwich-skills. Also: soups, vermicelli noodles, and egg puffs for dessert.

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